Friday, April 29, 2011

Ignorance Is Bliss

My dad once said to me: "Ignorance can be a good thing," and I didn't truly believe that until last February when my mom got diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

I have always been around doctors and nurses, but it's just now when I feel like they're talking in a completely different language. Sometimes I wish I went into the medical field for the purpose of knowing what everyone around me was talking about when referring to my mom. But I can honestly say, the majority of the time I'm glad I don't understand this "medical language" and I don't even bother asking what some things means. Eventually (eventually meaning about 5 minutes after the conversation) I will ask what certain things mean and I will google stuff I don't know. But for that moment that I don't understand what's going on - everything is okay, and I've become comfortable with okay. However, I have learned over the past year and 3 months that life is not about being comfortable. It's about asking God to make you strong in an uncomfortable life transition.

I am currently sitting in the hospital room with my mom as she gets fluids put in her because for the last 5 weeks she has been unable to keep any type of food or drink down. Yesterday (when she got admitted to the hospital) she was severely dehydrated and was so weak she could barely walk from one room to the other without being tired.

I was originally going to use this for blogging my excursions to Europe, but I decided otherwise (for now).

Countdown = 6 days, 164 hours, 9867 minutes!

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